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KCNC Garmin mount


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What score do you award 
something that fails after 150 miles? This is my dilemma.
It’s probably Sod’s law that dictates that once an article is published, that’s when the 
product in question suddenly fails.

While this Garmin mount worked well for a while, the weight of the Edge 810 over Surrey’s potholed roads did for its lightweight aluminium (20g) construction. Did I have too much data on the Garmin, was that the problem?


It’s a real shame as I have a lot of time for KCNC’s designs, but, in this case, I’d say it’s pared the weight down just a little too much and needs to go back to the drawing board.


  • Ciaran Carroll

    €44 for a mount that breaks quickly? Not great news. I spent €14 on my Cannondale out-front mount and it’s perfect. It may not look as nice as this one but IT WORKS! I couldn’t justify spending €40 on a Garmin branded mount and after purchasing my Cannondale mount I can’t understand why anyone would spend twice as much on something that is essentially the same.