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Score 8


  • GPS ready
  • Easy to set up
  • Screen easily visable


  • Have to take the unit on and off to power on/off


Cateye Stealth 50 Cycle Computer


Price as reviewed:


Coming as a GPS computer package, the Steath 50 and ANT+ components were easy to set up thanks to a couple of YouTube tutorials.

The display unit was quick to pick up a GPS signal and easily visible on the move, constantly showing time and current speed, but can be customised to also show other data options such heart rate, cadence, journey distance etc.

Its compact size and no wires keeps ?it neat and tidy; but it does require un-mounting the unit to switch on or off.

It’s minimal faff, but ?faff all the same — especially if you only remember once you’ve started pedalling.


With minimal miles, we've not downloaded the GPS data yet, so more to follow.

  • Ken Evans

    For less than £100 it is possible to buy a small and light Android smart-phone. For a few pounds (or even free) Apps can be installed that will do many of the same things that dedicated cycle specific computers will do. With GPS online maps (e.g. Google) can be used, photos can also be taken, and phone calls can even be made too !

  • Wibble

    Yet another GPS cycle computer that doesn’t work with Linux/Android.

  • ronin

    I was waiting for this unit since it was announced. I mostly wanted the cadence reading and the GPS. All in all it’s not bad. I disagree it requires un-mounting to switch it on and off, because I do that all the time, and the only time I take it off is when i want to download a trip or charge it.

    The back light is great too; got a puncture just at the end of my ride before sunset, the backlight comes on at a time you specify…never thought I would use that, but it’s a nice touch.

    Cateye sync software was a little buggy at first (ver 1.0) it’s now on ver 1.03 and it’s much better and more intuitive to upload trips to Cateye Atlas and Strava.
    The GPS hasn’t dropped a signal, regardless of weather – wind, rain, cold, fog, through tree lined roads, and sunshine 🙂

    So I’d say 7/10.

  • anthony bowles

    Bought one as soon as they hit the market but had problems from day one, Cateye and Zyro tech unable to help, returned to supplier, money refunded. A pity really as it promised so much and a let down as I have always been a cateye product fan.