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will this energy bar from 9Bar give you the lift you're looking for?

Score 6

With a throwback design, the Veloforte Classico is one of the newest energy bars to hit the market.

Score 7

An expensive way to stay fuelled, but is the Ote Duo energy bar worth it?

Score 8

Torq are known for their innovative flavours but does this energy bar cut the mustard?

Score 8

How does the High5 energy bar stack up against the competition?

Score 8

SiS is a well known and trusted brand at amateur and professional level. It's Go Energy Bar packs a punch.

Score 9

Is this do-it-all bar from Trek as good as other energy bar offerings on the market?

Score 7

British food supplement brand, Zipvit produce some great energy bar options

Score 9

We review the latest the energize energy bar from Powerbar, a giant of the sports nutrition world

Score 7

Taste & texture Despite Clif Bars being one of the most well- known energy bars in the world, the design itself hasn’t changed much since its original formation in Clif…

Score 8

Mornflake Go! high protein porridge is made of oat flakes supplemented with 12% soya protein, uppting its protein content to 21% for an extra morning boost.

Score 8

SiS protein bar

Ensuring you consume your post ride protein within a 30 minute window is crucial for recovery. The SiS Rego mint chocolate bar seeks to be a convenient and tasty solution…

Score 9

Head to Head: Energy Bars - We pit two tasty energy-boosting snacks to the test to see which is bestest

Score 8

Mule Bars were developed by a guy who wasn’t impressed with the selection of energy bars available. He started making his own in the kitchen and after feedback from friends…

Score 10