The Rapha Pro Team Shadow is designed to be the best windproof, water resistant, breathable kit for use in foul weather. How well does it perform and is the high price justified?

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey


  • Excellent fabric technology
  • Aero fit
  • great wind proofing
  • very breathable


  • Very expensive
  • No tail, needs to be combined with Shadow shorts


Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey


Price as reviewed:


Ok, so it is very expensive, but the Rapha Pro Team Shadow kit is designed to be the ultimate clothing for when you riding hard in foul weather. Contrary to popular belief it is not named after the 90’s Gladiator either. The fit is very good but getting the right size is crucial. At 6’1 and 70kgs I tried both a medium and a small, with the latter fitting very well.

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Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey (11)Having tested it in a variety of conditions I can report that the Shadow performs superbly. The fabric is thinner and lighter than that used in the Castelli Gabba, but impressively offers comparable wind-proofing. Water repellency is superb and the best I have seen on garments of this type.

The Rapha Pro Team Shadow was featured in our February tech of the month video which is below. Skip to 3mins 20seconds to see the Shadow and how well it repels water, it really is impressive.

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Breathability of the fabric is also very good and I found that at around 7ºC with a base layer and arm warmers I was comfortable when riding hard.  If I were doing an event such as the Fred Whitton in May where there’s often a chance of rain, this would without question be my clothing of choice.

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Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey (5)

Subtle arm band detail. I would prefer some tasteful reflective details

However, the Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey is not perfect. I would like some reflective details on a garment that is designed to be worn in bad weather. I am not suggesting Rapha goes all fluoro, but some tasteful touches here and there would be nice.

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Rapha Pro Team Shadow jersey (13)

Another thing to note is that the Shadow doesn’t have low cut tail to protect against road spray. This is because it is designed to be worn with the Rapha Pro Team Shadow shorts, that are made from the same material. This could be an issue for those not wanting to also purchase the shorts.

Despite these niggles, Rapha has raised the bar in this kind of garment. It may be very expensive, but we can expect this kind of fabric technology to trickle down into more affordable products which can only be a good thing.

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Prohibitively expensive, but performs very well. Rapha has raised the bar in terms of what to expect from this kind of garment


Colours:Black, as shown
Weight:226g (Small)
Sizes:XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Size tested:S
  • Andrew Bairsto

    You could buy a couple of very well made suits for that.

  • dannybuoy

    I’ve got a Rapha jersey. I do love the quality but one thing that really irks me. The pissy little zip pulls they use. With gloves they’re nigh on impossible to open. It seems the back pocket of this one has the same. Look at it. That doesn’t exactly say ‘sportswear’. It’s the kind of zip your gran might saw into something. Up your zip game Rapha.

  • @grayvelo

    £220. Christ.