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  • Full Zipp
  • Thin, light and Aero


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Sportful Bodyfit Pro Summer Race jersey


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If you’re looking for a super-thin jersey for the hottest days then look no further than this top-notch item from Sportful.

At £85 the Pro Summer is the least expensive garment we’ve seen in this category and yet it’s missing nothing.


It's thin, light and aero thanks to a great fit and features a full length zip with three pockets. If next summer is anything like the one we've just had, then it's definitely one to put in your kit bag.

  • EuroFluro

    The reviews on here get worse and worse. Why even bother if you’re just throwing up a few lazy lines that tell us nothing. You get more info out of advertising blurb on webshops.

  • roginoz

    Why o why do you continue to promote predominantly BLACK clothing? Also SKY wearing BLACK is a poor safety example .You are too much dedicated followers of fashion.This trend puts your life at risk.