Dinky ‘get you seen’ lightset for those urban winter commutes

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Lezyne KTV Drive front & rear lightset


  • Quality product
  • USB charging


  • A lot less bright than some


Lezyne KTV Drive front and rear lightset


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Embracing the potential offered by rapidly advancing LED and battery technologies, Lezyne has several new lights in its product line-up this season, this pair of KTVs among them. Like most of Lezyne’s gear, these exude quality and a design-led ethos, with sleek alumimium casings and a nicely concealed built-in USB charging stick. This will plug directly into a USB slot cable-free and transfer a full charge in three hours.

The high-quality build extends to the mount, which is fashioned in a bulletproof composite matrix and can either be clipped onto clothing or a bag, or attached to the bar using a simple but effective multi-position rubber band. The lumen count is 15 (front) and seven (rear), which puts them resolutely at the lower end of the brightness scale, but at full charge still pack enough punch to be relied on as a standalone lightset.

Be safe been seen, these two 'get home' lights do a good enough job

Be safe been seen, these two ‘get home’ lights do a good enough job

A lumen-count chest-beating contest is not the KTVs’ raison d’etre though – rather they’re designed to offer a high-quality, quick-charging, very light and completely weatherproof (we can attest to this) set of get-you-seen lights at a reasonable price. At this they succeed totally, but there is one conundrum; the KTV Pro lightset. At just £5 more for a pair, you get a front light which is almost as compact, just as fast-charging, and which emits a comparatively retina-charring 70 lumens. We know where we’d spend our money.


Quality set of budget lights that have USB charging convenience but only a modest lumen count.


Contact: www.upgradebikes.co.uk
  • Jesse Moran

    I have tried charging the rear light in different USB ports for different periods of time and the light on the top has yet to turn green (charged). When I turn it on in the evening it may last only ten minutes max of my ride. So in my view a waste of money.