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  • Cheap
  • Warm


  • Think foot-loop
  • Generic fit


Lusso Max Repel bib-tights


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These may have been around for an age, with just the odd nip and tuck updates, but they still perform well.

The surface coating is as water repellent as many more expensive tights that offer the same type of performance but at a far lower cost.

The Roubaix-style base fabric doesn’t offer the high compressive feel, or quality of overall fit that most more expensive tights will and to be honest, the footloop is a little thick but, these warm, weather resistant tights are only £54.99.

The zip is long enough to allow nature breaks and they keep you warm on the bike.


For those on a tight budget or in need of leg wear to trash in a winter of salty, grimy commuting, these are more than up to the task.

  • Dave Scott

    I bought these a year ago as my first set of bib-tights. Although the ‘repel’ bit works well, keeping me warm and dry in light rain, I’m less happy with the fit. I went for the size closest to mine from the sizing guide, but although they’re fine on length they are VERY tight round the upper body, to the point that I have difficulty breathing uphill even with the zip wide open. Also the shoulder-straps are not adjustable, so I often ride with the straps off (thus defeating the object of bib-tights). I’m fairly slim round the waist but have quite a wide chest – my tip for any prospective buyer of similar build would be to choose something different.