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  • Versatile


  • Unable to adjust resistance on the go


CycleOps aluminium rollers with resistance


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Taking standard aluminium rollers and adding a resistance unit adds a new level of versatility to this training tool.

The magnetic resistance unit can also be bought separately.

Compared to some of the rollers that have come to the market in the last season or two, the CycleOps version isn’t the most sophisticated, but it certainly works well.

Three alloy cylinders linked with two folding runners keep things simple, and with six levels of resistance to choose from, it should work for most people.

In fact, the resistance from those magnets gives enough levels to suit most riders’ abilities; it’s just a shame not to be able to adjust them while riding.


Overall, what you see here is a very capable set of rollers at a fair price, which, provided the bearings hold out, should last a lifetime.

  • Chris Newby

    I ride on these about twice a week in winter, and have done for 3 years. They are excellent, and I enjoy it – I just hate the turbo…….
    I set the resistance high, and have no need to adjust on the move as normal gearing means my speed varies between 15 and 30 mph and that gives me up to 200-500w resistance, measured on my powertap rear wheel. I have set the whole unit onto a moving platform so its slides forwards and back like emotion rollers. Never going to ride a turbo again.
    After 3 years use with no maintenance the metal frame struts are a bit rusted, so i suppose if i had a new one I’d wipe it down after every ride……

  • Tony Vernon

    I have been using these rollers for about 10 months and have found them reliable. I use them about two or three times per week in winter for sessions of one to one half hours in the main in conjunction with a powertap power meter, so I can set myself specific workouts and intensities. The smaller rollers seem to have greater basic resistance than the Tacx Antares rollers I had before. I have not found it necessary to make much use of the additional resistance. I would recommend them and find rollers give a more satisfactory work out than a turbo trainer