One of the most popular tyres available and for good reason. Here is our review of the Continental GP4000S II road tyre

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Continental GP4000 S II



  • Good grip in wet and dry
  • Aero (although not designed to be!)
  • Good puncture protection (for a performance tyre)
  • Decent rolling resistance
  • Can last a long time


  • Not the lowest rolling resistance
  • No Tubeless option


Continental GP4000 S II


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The Continental GP4000s II has won many tyre group tests over the years and it is understandable why. Rolling resistance is decent. Our own independent testing suggests there are significantly faster tyres out there, such as the Bontrager R4, Vittoria Corsa Speed (Tubeless) and Continental GP TT. Put into numbers, we found the GP4000 to be around 3 watts slower at 40kph than a Bontrager R4, with an 85kg system weight. However, there are also plenty of slower options too, such as the Challenge Criterium and Maxxis Syrinx.

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Despite only coming in mid pack in our rolling resistance testing, that only represents one attribute in which a tyre has to perform well. This is the key strength of the Continental GP4000 S II – it is a great all rounder that performs very well across a number of attributes.

Courtesy of Continental’s patented Black Chilli compound, grip in the wet and dry is superb, and puncture protection is very good too thanks to Continental ‘Vectran breaker’ belt.

The Vectran puncture protection technology used here is apparently stronger than steel and harder than Aramid (the material used in bulletproof vests), meaning that I’ve only suffered a handful of punctures in a few years of using these tyres through both summer and winter. It really sets them apart.

Further to this, recent independant research in which aerodynamics was combined with rolling resistance studies has suggested that the Continental GP4000 S II could be the fastest tyre out there. The reason for this is that over 35kph aerodynamic drag is significantly more important than rolling resistance, with the GP4000 performing very well aerodynamically. It is not fully understood why and appears to be serendipitous, but the tread pattern might be tripping the air. To read more into this topic, you can click here.

Continental GP4000 S II

The tread on the Continental GP4000 S II is believed to help aerodynamics

Different width options are available, ranging from 23mm, 25mm and 28mm. Having measured them with verniers, they often come up slightly wider (26mm in the case of the 25mm option).

There are tyres with lower rolling resistance, but as a do it all option, the Continental’s are hard to beat. They feel great and sit well on most rims. It is possible to slice open and puncture any tyre on a first ride, (it’s sods law) but trust us when we say, the Continental GP4000 S II is an excellent tyre.



The Continental GP4000 S II is an excellent tyre and we highly recommend them. Were it to be tubeless or to have a faster rubber compound it could become unbeatable. At present it is not available in a tubeless version. We also understand that Contintal is working on faster rubber compounds to lower rolling resistance.


Weight:234g (25mm)
Sizes:23mm, 25mm, 28mm
Rolling Resistance Watts at 40kph for 85kg system weight:37.6 W