If you want quality, performance-led wheels with wallet-friendly pricing then Cero is the first place to look and the Cero AR30 Evo fits the bill perfectly

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Cero AR30 Evo


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Cero AR30 Evo wheels


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Cero AR30 Evo wheels are designed to be the perfect upgrade wheel, promising to be more aerodynamic, stiffer and more comfortable than any stock wheelset that comes with your new bike.

To put it simply, the new 2017 Cero AR30 Evo wheels do all that and more.

At a claimed 1,433g the Cero AR30 Evo wheels are relatively lightweight, especially for the price, and that helps the Evos remain nimble and easy to push up the hills despite the extra rim depth.

It’s clear Cero put considerable thought into its wheels, which is nice. For example, class-leading Sapim CX Ray straight-pull spokes (20 radial front, 20 two cross rear) with Cero’s own hub and cassette body design that now features an anti-bite guard to stop the cassette digging into the body.

Cero AR30 Evo

Cero hub is small yet effective

You’ll also get a ‘modern’ rim design that features 22mm external and 17.4mm internal widths. Although this isn’t as wide as say Specialized has gone with its wheels (20mm), it does represent a marked increase on the days of 14/15mm internals.

It means the tyre will sit wider, and it really does look rather large compared with the Fulcrum Racing Zeros I’ve recently tested; 25c looks like 28c. This, Cero says, will help increase aerodynamics in terms of the way the tyre sits as the leading edge of the 30mm-deep aluminium rim, and having more width to the tyres also aids comfort.

Bolted onto the Pinarello F10, which with the ultra-stiff frame usually shows up flex in wheelsets, they performed admirably. Little to no brake rub was registered and sitting at 30mm deep they’ve been usable on all types of ride.

This depth didn’t catch any sidewind, and the aluminium braking surface as expected performed as it should, giving confident braking over carbon alternatives at twice the price.

I did experience a small buckle in the rear wheel which was rectified by a tweak of a few spokes, but this hasn’t returned and the wheelset remains strong without fault.

The ratchet on the rear hub is loud, so if this is something that annoys you then maybe consider another option, but I like the buzz. I find it reassuring.

All in all, a great wheelset for under £500.


For a little under £500 the Cero AR30 Evo wheels are the perfect upgrade wheel for any budding racer or anyone looking to improve the performance and quality of their ride.