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  • Very stiff


  • Brake blocks


Cole C58 Lite Clincher


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This product is featured in: £1K deep-section carbon wheels grouptest.

Cole’s wheels may well have a fairly standard profile all-carbon clincher rim, but the spoking pattern and design is far from normal.

Dubbed DSA, this Dynamic Spoke Alignment is the system Cole has developed to allow for very high spoke tension in its wheels. Small brass barrels are supported by canted flange ribs, and are able to rotate.

By eliminating the J-bend, the spoke can deal with far more tension and supporting the spoke tension over the twin ribs allows for even more. In the lab, the front wheel was laterally very stiff and this did play out on the road, with a solid wheel in the corners and when sprinting.

On the rear the same feeling was apparent on the road. The wheels still accelerated well and lent themselves to aggressive riding. Sadly, the supplied brake blocks didn’t do a great deal in the way of stopping power, so if you do plump for the C58 Lites, you’ll need to factor in a decent set of carbon blocks.


It's not often something that appears to be different for the sake of it comes good on the road: with the C58s it really was as much about the go as the show. Lab test results>>