Boardman Bikes is developing a new ‘superlight’ carbon-fibre frameset aimed at the cyclo-sportive market.

According to the company, the B56 frameset will form the backbone for a new range of sportive bikes currently undergoing testing and development.

“This is an exciting development from our R&D department,” said Chris Boardman, R&D Director & Co-founder of Boardman Bikes. “Two years in development and testing, the fine tuned result is designed to cater for the rider who spends a lot of time in the saddle – either training, racing or purely for the love of cycling.”

Boardman Bikes published a video clip on Friday via YouTube showing test riders putting the new models through their paces in Kitzbühel, Austria.

The new models join a well-established range of Boardman models that comprise road, mountain bike, cyclo-cross, time trial, track and hybrid models priced from £529 to £7499.

Pricing and availability of the new models to be confirmed.

Click on the ‘play’ button below to watch the clip.

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  • mike g

    Hi, the ‘new’ Boardman range is in some Halfords stores now; however, you wont find any photos or information on the web yet as they’ve not been officially launched.

    I have recently purchased a Boardman CX comp (£600) in black and wasn’t even allowed a photocopy of the spec. I had originally set out to purchase the CX Team but I wasn’t impressed with the new silver colour.

  • CJ


    Hope they (Boardman) revise the frame colours on the final rollout; go for a solid primary colour!!

  • CJ

    B56’s price tag and spec, hoping Boardman will be as ‘friendly’ as they’ve been with the exisitng performance series. To date, they’ve ‘balanced’ good quality alongside reasonable price tags.

    For now, I’m just focusing on the frame as; just like any prototype, the finished product is certain to differ from what is seen ‘durng concept’ (you should see the DS5 concept car!!).

    Meantime, well done Boardman; but please, don’t keep us waiting too long for their release. (Some time in Sept 2013 would be good!!) 😉 .

  • Ken Evans

    New colours and graphics too ?

  • C D123

    I’m fairly new to cycling and looking into getting one the Performance Series Team bikes at £999 with bike to work scheme…although after reading the above and watching the video clip, is anyone able to make any rough guesses on when the new range may be in the shops?

    Happy to get the current Team bike, but if a new one is going to come out shortly then the current Team bike will surely go into sale and I could of made a good saving. Alternatively I don’t want to buy the current model if the new one is coming out in a month or two at a similar price…? Some potentially frustrating outcome if I buy now. Advice please…? cheers