A short film about an English cycling institution: the Eureka Cafe in the Cheshire that has welcomed cyclists since 1929

The famous Eureka Cafe at Two Mills in Cheshire UK (known locally as ‘The Mills’) is a rare survivor of the tearooms and cafes that came into being in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to cater for cyclists.

Its position at a crossroads in the South East corner of the Wirral peninsula, made it ideally placed for Merseyside cyclists wanting to explore Cheshire, North Wales and beyond.

The Eureka first opened its doors in 1929. It has been an important place to local cyclists ever since and continues to play a vital role today.

Film by Jon Derricott. headtubefilms@gmail.com

Running time: approx 12 minutes

Beans and a Spare… from Jon Derricott on Vimeo.

  • john gavin

    brilliant little cafe so handy for people on the wirral ,i must give it a whirl !

  • William Hirst

    Keith Boardman, I suppose 2 plus 2 would lead you to who his son is.

  • Ian Venables

    Jon, what a great film this is. I know a few small places that attract cyclists and always enjoy listening to the tales of older fellows over a cup of tea.

  • Mike Curnow

    What a great little film. If only we had a something like this in my part of the country. Will visit the Eureka if ever in Cheshire