A cyclist appears to be paying too much attention to his bike computer and not enough attention to what is going on in the road ahead of him

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Edward Barlow had a shock when he undertook his first driving lesson on Wednesday. As he was parked at the side of the road talking to his instructor, a cyclist rode straight into the back of the car – and the moment was caught on a rearward-facing camera looking out of the back window of the vehicle.

The male cyclist appears to be riding along the side of the road looking down at his bars, possibly at his bike computer. He fails to look up on his approach to the parked car and hits it full on, catapulting himself into the back window.

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“So my first ever driving lesson went really well even though some crazy guy cycled into the back of me when I was parked…” said Barlow, who posted the video on his Facebook page.

Thankfully, the cyclist appears dazed but uninjured. He picks himself and his Dolan road bike up quickly as the occupants of the car get out to check that he is okay. Another cyclist is also seen pulling up behind the scene of the incident.

The video should act as a warning to those cyclists who are more concerned with checking their computer’s statistics instead of what’s going on in front of them!

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  • Michael P

    That’s why they wear helmet, lmao

  • Mr.H

    Whole new meaning to “keep your head up!”

  • Mj

    Hahha, first I ROFLMAO… then I realized, why the heck was the driver just STOPPED in a bad spot like that? Cars had to move into oncoming traffic to get around him. The driver was as much at fault.

  • Brian Turpin

    I knew a time triallist who cycled into a parked car going at full gas and ended up unconscious covered in glass on the back seat. He recovered, but I recall repeated the procedure some years later.

  • Laurence Stanley

    I think we can all relate to this! More often than not this happens half way through a Strava segment attempt!

  • Two Pork Pies

    That’s a rear facing camera. He’s clearly on the left side of the road. It is legally parked under English law. There is no double standard in the above comments. You’re getting angry about nothing.

  • Allan

    Was I wrong to chuckle here? This is proof that keeping your head up really can help you go faster. It is good advertisement for helmets, road awareness and post ride analysis of the stat’s!

  • Stephen Szibler

    Sitting in the middle of the road, to the right of the white line where there is no shoulder is not “parked” and the car shouldn’t have been stopped there if there wasn’t backed up traffic.

    However, the cyclist should have been looking where he was going.

    I’m sure the argument by the other jerkos in the replies here would not be that it would be okay for a cyclist to sit “parked” in the middle of the road. You’d be all over him that it was his fault for sitting there. The “law” has no double standards.

  • Roger

    It’s not that bizarre. I have witnessed experienced cyclists ride into the backs of parked cars more than once. Sometimes people just don’t see things. Occasionally cyclists don’t see cars. Motorists quite often don’t see cyclists.

  • sarge

    he was parked legally fool, no road markings to say he couldn’t stop, he was also with a driving instructor so i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t of let him stop if illegal.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    A blind cyclist, judging by the dark glasses.

  • Dirk

    no yellow or red lines, you are wrong, wrongo.

  • Francis Plum

    looks like this car was illegally stopped in a driving lane – the car’s driver should be charged with something

  • Pretty funny! (as long as he’s ok…)

  • Stevie

    Just what I needed to cheer me up on a gloomy Friday morning.

    Edit: Upon impact he appears to make the car move at 001 MPH!! slightly impressed.