Martyn Ashton has pushed the limits of bike trials riding for as long as we can remember. In his latest film, he’s ditched the mountain bike in favour of a carbon-fibre Pinarello Dogma 2 road bike.

Anyone who has ever thought that top-end carbon-fibre road bikes are ‘flimsy’ and only good for riding on smooth tarmac roads should watch this film. The Dogma 2 is the same model as ridden by Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish in this year’s Tour de France.

Watch Ashton’s breath-taking film by clicking on the ‘play’ button in the window below…

A Film by Robin Kitchin; Produced by Ashton Bikes

  • William Hirst

    Warning: Some of the following scenes should not be attempted …………………including letting WD40 anywhere near your bike.

  • adam

    New stage in 2013 Tour? Would liven things up a bit….

  • Allen Timmons

    I bet you can’t do this on your bike!!!