It's not all bad feelings between cyclists and motorists in Britain's capital, as Helen Clarkson's YouTube film confirms

In a cheerful antidote to the ‘near miss’ cycling videos circulating the internet, London cyclist Helen Clarkson has posted a video on YouTube of a man stopped at a junction leaning out of the window to give her a high five as she cycles past.

The suited man is seen leaning out of the rear window of a Toyota Prius as Clarkson moves between the car and a bus, cheering and shouting ‘high five’ as the moment is captured by the cyclist’s handlebar-mounted camera.

Clarkson duly obliges, lifting her hand up to slap the car passenger’s out-stretched hand, to more loud cheers from the car’s occupants.

“Sometimes cycling in London isn’t all bad,” commented Clarkson.


  • David Chadderton

    Bearing in mind all the cyclist deaths due to murderous motorists in London, remember there is only one road rule: My personal safety.
    No point in becoming a statistic. Choose wisely.

  • punksolid

    Yes, we do!

  • Thiago Corrêa

    Cycling in London can be wondered like cycling in Copenhaguen, if you’re cycling here in Porto Alegre.

  • Traffic is ok, its the red light jumpers, lane hoppers that don’t indicate etc.. (this is all road users, not just cars) In every class (bike,car, truck) there are good and bad and OMFG who let you out of the institute! 🙂

  • David Chadderton

    People actually cycle in that traffic?