Tired of looking down at your computer to see your data? Then the new Garmin Varia Vision could be for you, giving you the ability to attach an in-sight display of all your vital metrics onto your existing sunglasses.

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The new product is designed to work in combination with existing Garmin devices, such as the company’s range of Edge cycling computers, displaying performance stats, turn-by-turn navigation prompts, and, when connected with the Varia rearview radar system, warnings about traffic approaching from behind.

Garmin Varia Vision will also be able to turn your sunglasses into smart glasses, by connecting with your phone using Bluetooth, allowing you to receive alerts for incoming calls, texts and other notifications.

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The device itself comes with a claimed weight of just 29.7g, and a much slimmer appearance than the Recon Jet sunglasses which offer a similar level of functionality. It also features a light sensor that makes sure that the colour display is readable whatever the conditions, and a touch panel to allow you to navigate between different data screens (each displaying up to four metrics at any one time) that will work even when wearing gloves.

The new product will be available in early 2016, with a retail price of £319.99.

  • Ciaran Carroll

    It looks awful! Like a kind of Robocop on a bike. Too weird looking, expensive, and in my opinion, rather pointless. I’ve never thought to myself “it’s an awful stress having to look down to see my numbers”.

  • CyberTonTo72

    In the video all I could think was I couldn’t see round the corner
    Great idea, but needs some more work imho

  • Mike Prytherch

    So we have… Garmin Edge, Garmin Varia, Garmin Vector Power Meter, Garmin HR Belt… and now a Garmin Varia, that’s more than the cost of my bike :), is this the new Bluetooth Earpiece ? i.e. the thing that really makes you look like a complete and utter “you know what”, coming to a chain gain soon

  • Andrew bruce

    More importantly, what’s the music?