Have you got too many bikes in the house? Is your partner threatening to walk out unless you free up some space? Have a high ceilings? Then you could well be interested in the Hide-A-Ride Kickstarter campagin, which lets you hoist your bike and store it under the ceiling.

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The Hide-A-Ride system is similar to the Stowaway system that we reported on before Christmas, but instead of using a system of pulleys to lift your bike up above your head, relies on your brute strength to push it up and hook it around the hardware on the ceiling. A perfect excuse to by a lighter bike to use with it, eh?

As an added bonus, the Hide-A-Ride doubles as a bike maintenance stand, holding your bike up directly in front of you to allow for easy maintenance. It also includes a cable lock which will give you a bit of extra security if you’re storing your bikes in your garage.

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Hide-A-Ride is currently seeking $12,000 (£8,435) in crowdfunding through Kickstarter, with a $168 (£118) investment being enough to secure you one of the first of the systems to roll off the production line. Providing the $12,000 target is met, then the system will start shipping from June this year.

  • J1

    You’ve already ran this story.

  • Lee Wingate

    £12k kickstarter??? surely the inventor if they have confidence in their design would take out a personal loan to get it going?

  • Tat! Cycloc offer far better solutions.