Cycling used to be a pretty simple pursuit, but for most of us it’s now hard to leave the house without numerous gadgets and gizmos. This means having a whole host of devices attached to your handlebars, but there could soon be one less thanks to the SpeedForce cycling computer.

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This has got to be one of the neatest designs of any new product we’ve seen, with the whole device contained within your stem. And as a whole the SpeedForce computer includes a 1.6 inch square colour screen, buttons to control the computer, and a 150 lumen light on the front of the stem that also includes turn signals.

speedforce speedx app

The Speedforce computer can be used in conjunction with a smartphone app

The SpeedForce computer measures everything you’d expect from other cycling computers, such as those in Garmin’s Edge range. That means standard metrics like speed, distance and time, but it will also connect with heart rate, cadence, and power sensors using either ANT+ or Bluetooth. It

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As well as all that data, the SpeedForce computer also provides navigational tools in conjunction with your smartphone, using arrows on the screen to point you in the correct direction, while that smartphone connectivity also allows you to see incoming calls and texts.

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If you think that all sounds pretty good, then you’re not alone, with 2,300 people pledging nearly $420,000 on the company’s Indiegogo page. The computer is set to be available in March 2016, with a retail price of $159.99 (£107).

  • Problem is that there is only one stem length… while competitive cyclists need to fine tune the bike fit

  • Steadfast

    Whilst I was actually VERY interested in this development, the poor Voice-over to Background Music ratio made it VERY HARD to hear the narration. The music was just a RACKET and I had to turn down my volume which of course lowered the VO then too. Crazy.
    Couldn’t be bothered trying to re-wind and catch key points again though. I guess I’ll just look out for another ad or make or model whatever.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Sorry I got your name wrong, bit embarrassing when I’m correcting your report DOH

  • Gazzaputt

    Hoping there’s a 1 14″ steerer option as I’ll have one please.

  • Carl Hawkins

    Whos Henry Robshaw/Robbertshaw?

  • Henry Robertshaw

    My mistake Mike. It does have its own built in GPS, but uses your smartphone for step by step navigation

  • Mike Prytherch

    At 1m 23s on the video it says it has its own in-built GPS so either the video is lying or the Henry Robshaw didn’t bother watching the video, it’s a neat idea and for a stem and computer combo it’s cheap !, but almost everybody I know uses an outfront mount for their computer as the stem is just too under your nose to view, be interested to see one in action though.