A cyclist has filmed the moment the driver of a BMW tried to push them from their bike. The incident was captured by Dave Edmonds, who uploaded it to the Bristol Cyclists Facebook page.

In the caption, Edmonds writes: “Driver of MX64 JWU (White BMW 520 D) swerves across the road and leans out of the car window and gives me a shove to try and knock me off. Car has no tax either according to the DVLA. Being reported to the police!

Thankfully, the alleged shove looks not to have been too severe as the cyclist was able to stay upright and continue riding.

There have been other shocking instances of motorists and their passengers shoving cyclists from the road. In one such video that surfaced last year (and was subsequently removed from Facebook), the passenger of a vehicle is filmed preparing themselves on the approach and can then be seen pushing a cyclist into a ditch.

In another instance, the police released a video of a pedestrian pushing a female cyclist into the path of moving traffic. The assailant later attended a police station as a result of an appeal.

  • Philip Bamber

    BMW driver; what a surprise.

  • Choddo

    Me too. An electric one. I quite like the fact I can overtake a bike without clogging up the rider’s lungs with soot.

  • Andy

    Using the roads is a privilege not a right. Anybody caught doing this should be given over to the authorities. I bet he is now worried about his actions.

  • Bet you that driver’s a UKIP voter…

  • Durian Rider

    I would have loved to have picked my bike up and thrown it thru the back windscreen and put that on youtube.

  • dtb200

    I have a BMW and am a keen cyclist. Generalisations get you into all sorts of bother…

  • Michael

    You’re implying that if there were a suitable motive then the BMW’s actions would have been justified.

    But they wouldn’t and nor would Anthony’s or the buffoon ummms fantasy responses.

    The correct response to the BMW driver’s actions isn’t violence – and really you can tell these 2 chumps couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag with their responses. Especially Anthony who appears to believe the human arm is like a dry twig. He’s in for a shock if he gets into a real fight.

    Of course, on the internet comment section we’ve got all the “tough guys” coming out of the woodwork fantasizing about what they would do. I suspect most of them would behave more like Arnold Rimmer than Ace RImmer.

  • james butler

    me too. what have the police done? Give us an update.

  • simon peacock

    He does look a bit ‘special’ like he also has a banjo on the back seat. He was probably in a rush to get home to his Sister.

  • Danny Crawford

    And he has a young girl – I presume his daughter – in the passenger seat. What a great example to set your kids. Scum!

  • Chris Clifton

    Quite so. This is NOT a minor traffic offence, this is a serious attempted assault! If that young man had picked up a glass in a bar on a Saturday night and struck or attempted to strike someone with it, the police would take it very seriously. Why should this be treated any differently?

  • ummm…

    but do they?

  • ummm…

    ill match your offer.

  • ummm…

    Ditto the comment re: motive. Also, why so peaceful? I haven’t been in a scrap since single digit years (because I have flippin judgement) but if he had pulled this on me I would have crushed him – or at least attempted. There is no comparison between the two – violence is appropriate in some instances and if it is not here then were is it?

  • The Awakening

    I have been looking at some of these videos over the passing months. It is becoming obvious to me at least, that the filming of them and then uploading of them on You Tube, allows the Police to have the sufficient evidence, to prosecute these evil people.

  • lee

    I’ve been slapped on the arse once which really gave me a fright – the worst tho was taking a blow to the back of the head/helmet whilst starting off from lights…that really freaked me up.

  • Cat5krusher

    Douchebags in a BMW. Say no more.

  • Matthew Smith

    I would love to know what happens to the guy. So often in these cases the story is not reported on again and I suspect nothing happens. The story last year http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/man-caught-on-camera-pushing-woman-off-bike-during-rush-hour-traffic-in-whitechapel-hands-himself-1047228.html was picked up on social media, not just cyclists but I could never find out if he was even charged

  • David Kerry

    If any one knows this **** and where he lives I will personally pay him a visit with a baseball bat !!

  • Paul Mackenzie

    Not really as he would have motive, what motive did the BMW driver have?

  • Harri

    now are we sure he wasn’t just trying to give him a high five?

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    What is it about white? Horrible moos in white Audis, halfwit chavs in white BMWs…..

  • Evan

    Clear malicious intent to do bodily harm. Not prosecuting this jerk is a crime.

  • Howmanyjackos

    Will be interesting to hear what the police actually do about this.

  • Michael

    > The only thing I can think is to grab his arm, and how quickly it snaps against his nice car

    By which casual, throwaway remark you demonstrate you’re no better than this guy.

  • Dan Grindey

    It’s just as well that many of our fellow cyclists wear helmet cams to capture these morons because otherwise nobody would believe us. It’s quite simple really.. prosecute these idiots and make sure that they are made famous through social media. Then maybe we will see less of these incidents.

  • Anthony Jackson

    To me this is even more serious than passing a cyclist too close on purpose….. Its just a typical young lad, in a nice car thinking that everyone should hold his opinion. Unless their is ‘history’ between the biker and driver, then this is really dark behavior. The only thing I can think is to grab his arm, and how quickly it snaps against his nice car, self defense .

  • Hans Kohls

    I’d hope any penalty includes prison for this quite frankly, I’d call this attempted murder or something along that line.

  • Riggah

    Give him a Life Ban from driving and impound the BMW prior to compulsory sale or crushing.
    The time is well overdue to get serious with these idiots.