A cyclist escaped with bruising to his legs after being run over by an irate motorist during a Critical Mass cycling event on November 27.

According to the Evening Standard, witnesses heard the driver beeping his horn and shouting abuse at the rider as the large group gathered at a junction in east London.

At the 1.20 mark in the video above you will see the Peugeot 307 edging towards the junction on the left of the picture, before flooring the accelerator, crushing the cyclist’s bike – and reportedly his legs – under the wheels before driving off.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene, but the cyclist did not require hospital treatment. His bike was reportedly destroyed by the collision.

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A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told the Standard: “Officers are investigating a fail to stop collision. The offence happened on Friday, 27 November at 8.20pm at Scrutton Street, EC2.

“A cyclist was in collision with a car. The cyclist suffered minor injuries. The driver of the car failed to stop.

“Enquires are in hand to trace the driver of the car.”

Critical Mass events take place on the last Friday of every month, with a Facebook group stating: “It is a family-friendly event that relies on participants being considerate to each other and to other road users, even if we do hold their journey up for a couple of minutes.”

  • James Barlow

    Lol can you ko Fury for us then!

  • Seb K

    Whatever the case it doesn’t warrant using your car as a weapon . I weight train a lot and on the streets I could easily knock down pretty much anyone I see (not exaggerating here although hard to prove on social media) . If someone is walking slow in front of maybe I should drop them !!!

  • Jay

    Stupid driver. He could have ran over the cyclist legs and then later be charged for dangerous driving and assult for simply having to wait for a few more minutes.

  • graham

    I agree with you,you dont see motorists getting annoyed when they are stuck behind Horses, probably because their car may come of worst in a collision with a horse. I think a lot of it is down to people being in a rush all the time, but cyclists can be just as bad when I meet up with other riders at a cafe or whatever, all they want to talk about is how fast they have done their ride. What happened to going out on the bike to enjoy it, it all seems to be a case of go out and get back as quickly as possible. When you are riding in a group someones phone rings they answer it and the next thing is they go to the front and the pace goes up (wife wants to know how long are they going to be )

  • zero

    I said hope – not expectation.

  • Caspar Hughes

    Antagonise motorists?

    Motorists entitlement knows little bounds, we (I am one) have millions of pounds spent on an infrastructure from general taxation to make life as easy as possible for us to drive round and we kill around 47,000 people in the UK annually, according to the government through pollution and crashes.

    Some drivers are happy to sit and wait at traffic lights but are clearly not able to wait for a group of cyclists who have a right to be on the road, they don’t need a licence like a driver does.

    I’ve never heard of a bike killing a car, who is antagonising who? The damage caused by driving has become normalised, that is a problem.

  • Anthony Jackson

    I dont understand reaction’s like this particular motorist…. Yes, many bikes in the street is a tad annoying, critical mass or not. Much like many football supporters walking to a match and leaking into the road with cars on…. and much like a jogger hopping onto the road to move out of the way of a woman with pram or a small family….. or walking on a busy high street when there hundreds upon hundreds of people in your path…….all of these situations are similar and never provoke such aggressive behavior like that of a motorist and bike rider. I get really angry in my car when nasty looking Chavs cross in front of my car and expect to slap on the brakes….. Should I rum them over? or just tap the brakes and laugh at them……… An extreme reaction would be purposefully clip them with my wing mirror just as they think they are safe, but I realise that would be extreme……. Should I not swerve to avoid the jogger? Should I just walk into everyone on the high street……no, most people in those situations have self control and just try to go with the flow…. why when people see a bike do they react differently……………………….

  • graham

    Well anyone who believes that is living in cloud cuckoo land

  • zero

    It’s called Critical Mass – it exists to claim the streets back from the cars. Naturally it will antagonise some drivers. It is my hope that it will eventually antagonise them off the streets…

  • graham

    As someone who has suffered as much as most at the hands of motorists and deplore their actions, I have to say that having seen many videos of incidents involving cyclists and motorists, on some occasions I would get pretty annoyed if I was out in my car. In this particular one from what I could see the cyclists, no the people riding bikes were all over the place,but let me make it clear this is no reason to deliberately knock someone off their bike. I live in the north of England so I must say I dont appreciate what its like to ride a bike in London however it does appear to me that some people on bikes, go out of their way to antagonise motorists. I assume that a lot off motorists also see these videos and I do wander if the rest of us suffer because of what goes on in London.