In the aftermath of the death of Antoine Demoitié, motorbikes and support vehicles were on high alert during the first stage of the Three Days of De Panne on Tuesday.

But that did not stop a car speeding past the lead group of riders with 900m to go, forcing stage winner Alexander Kristoff to change his line as he weaved across the road, trying to outfox a pair of Astana riders.

Playing a game of cat and mouse in the final kilometre, Kristoff pulled over to the left side of the road and was forced back towards the middle by a protruding kerb.

Fortunately the Norwegian checked over his shoulder before weaving all the way to the right as a silver race vehicle sped past the three riders on the inside. Kristoff noticeably changes his line as the car whizzes off into the distance.

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Why the car was so desperate to beat the riders to the finish line is unknown, especially as the riders were using the whole road to try and gain an advantage and nullify attacks.

The video was uploaded and tweeted by FDJ’s Jeremy Roy, who called on the UCI to take action on rider safety and passing vehicles.

  • J1

    Kristoff did have to alter his line because of the car, he was going to swing right across the road but was aware enough to realise the car was coming through. The pros have enough to think about during a race and could do without having to second guess what race vehicles are going to do.

  • Howmanyjackos

    It sucks .if u can’t overtake safely DON’T.
    Cant believe what I’ve seen and read over the last few days. The driver took a “chance”

  • Chris Williams

    How close where the peleton etc. Was the car told to clear the gap because he would have been stuck with riders closing in from behind………..

  • Steve Wilde

    B……..cks, the car should not have even attempted to pass in the last kilometre,I could not believe it after the weekends events.??

  • Chris Williams

    Sorry but he was watching it coming and there was not as much danger as suggested. Cars pass all the time