Nottinghamshire Police say there is not enough evidence to prosecute the driver of a Volvo that was caught on camera driving into a cyclist and fleeing the scene.

Despite the cyclist capturing the number plate of the car on video, police were unable to establish who was driving the vehicle, which was a hire car.

A man who is registered to drive the car has been fined £150 and received six penalty points for failing to provide driver details when summonsed to court, according to the BBC.

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The cyclist, who was injured as he rode near the BBC roundabout in Nottingham city centre, reportedly received severe back injuries and internal haemorrhaging in the crash.

“To this day I have no idea why the driver did this to me, there was no confrontation with any driver prior to the attack, I do not know the driver or the car,” he wrote under the YouTube video. “I was not riding my normal route at my normal time so I do not think this attack was planned. Just a senseless and brutal attack on a fellow human being…

“Despite the evidence, the police and CPS failed to bring the driver in this savage attack to justice…The driver is still out on UK roads.”

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The rider continued to say that police told him they did not have funds to continue their investigation, but more would have been done if he were killed.

The BBC report that the investigating officer contacted a man and a woman who were eligible to drive the car, but they did not respond before they were summonsed to court.

The victim fears this could set a precedent for hit-and-run crimes on cyclists in hire cars, saying he did not wish to discuss further details of the incident in fear of creating a legal loophole for hire car drivers.

  • Jason T

    If the police are following protocol cyclists need to vent our anger at the government in order to change the laws to protect cyclist on UK roads

    I was knocked off my bike in an act of road rage by a driver on the A33 in Reading where the police stated that “It was not in the interest of the public to pursue the case further”

    I was lucky and only sustained whiplash with grazing. I have British Cycling Membership legal cover along witnesses statements so able to take it through the civil courts

    Unfortunately it will take multiple deaths before the stats mount up and eventually the government are forced to rethink

  • Matt The Golem

    The person who rented the car is responsible, and there is a record of that.

  • Chris


  • Phew

    How about a crowd funding effort to finance a private prosecution? I’d definitely chip in.

  • Chris

    I think that the cyclist should consider a private prosecution. The evidence is damning.

  • KenW

    Agreed the charge should be attempted murder. The car had been following for several minutes when without any provocation it simply drove straight into him! And the couple responsible for the car, if they won’t co-operate and reveal the driver are guilty of ‘joint enterprise’.
    But what do you expect from the CPS – the Criminal Protection Service

  • Chris

    Common sense says there is something seriously amiss here.!
    A charge of attempted murder or at least dangerous driving should have been placed on the person responsible for the car hire. It would then be up to the couple to sort it out among themselves.
    The law should state that the hirer is legally responsible for ensuring that the correct details are given to the police. If he fails to do so then he is liable for any infractions under the law.
    In this case a fine for a paperwork misdemeanour is NOT a realistic level of punishment!

  • Tim Ott-Jones

    Disgusting, owner should be prosecuted or provide details of who was driving, end of………..

  • Jezz Ellis

    unbelievable that the driver wasn’t prosecuted. So what precedent does this set? If you want to murder someone, hire a car and go for it!

  • Paul Osborne

    Prosecute both, the couple who’d hired the car. One is a criminal and the other is protecting a criminal and both are obstructing justice. F***ing unbelievable, Cycle in this country at your peril. The police are there to keep the peace (status quo) and that’s protecting the majority’s right to drive a car without realistic responsibility. Cyclists and pedestrians clearly present a moral problem for the police.

  • Greenie

    Riders lives matter too. I understand the motivation of the victim in not wanting to publicise the full details of the offence. However if the vehicle hirer is known, employers and hire car companies can avoid contracting this negligent, unethical and potentially dangerous person.

  • J1

    What’s that NWA song again….

  • Jason T

    I was knocked off my bike by a motorists in Reading UK in an act of road rage by the driver, the police said “It wasn’t in the interest of the public to pursue the case any further”

    Unfortunately unless there is a death the UK police are not interested in such incidents

  • lustra

    This isn’t the first time this has happened. The lawyers already know about the legal loophole so the law needs changing urgently.

  • lee

    If anything like this happened to me ln the roads I would seek them and kill them!

  • lee

    How can their not be enough evidence – if they aren’t owning up themselves then they’re harbouring a criminal… THIS IS A BLOODY JOKE

  • YEGMan

    “The rider continued to say that police told him they did not have funds to continue their investigation, but more would have been done if he were killed.” Well, there’s the solution to police inaction … get killed. Easy-peasy.

    Disgusting. The person who hired the vehicle should be compelled to reveal the name of the driver or take full responsibility for his or her actions. That’s what humans do.

  • David Williams

    If you look at the video it’s pretty clear that you can’t see who was driving.

    Who would you charge with an offence in this case? There are no records that would even hint at which single person was driving at the time – let alone anything that could be used in court.

  • jamesm

    Never commented nor was even signed up to do so but am so disgusted with this that i wanted to express my view. Utterly appalling.

  • Andy

    Basically it’s one of two people. Is that not called perverting the course of Justice? So if you want to kill someone with a car in the uk. Hire a vehicle with black out windows., Have at least one passenger with all persons down to drive.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    Absolutely disgusting only goes to show how inept and corrupt the police and CPS are.

  • ummm…

    i dont live in the UK. There has to be one youthful and ill tempered cyclist in the UK that can bring justice to this situation. Astounding that nothing more has been done.

  • barraob1

    Disgusting lack of responsibility shown by whoever was driving the car.

  • Lee Wingate

    Seems pretty cut and dried to me. licence plate, clear video footage. wheres the possible question mark? oh yeh, lazy ass CPS!!!