Arguments in the cake aisle of your local Aldi store isn’t necessarily the best way to get your point across to a driver who’s just cut you up, but that’s what happened between Grahame Cooper and a local driver last week in Bolton.

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Cooper, 58, approached the driver, who he filmed passing him closely twice as they both made their way to the location, and later posted the video of the rapid fire exchange on his Youtube page.

He believes that the driver did intentionally after Cooper rode outside of the cycle lane.

“He was in front of me in Aldi so I just thought I would leave the camera running and ask him politely to give me more room,” Cooper told the Manchester Evening News on the incident.

“Before the second overtake there is a cycle lane but I couldn’t use it because it’s over the apex of a bend and I’ve been cut up there a lot of times before.

“Also, there was a tanker crash before Christmas and there’s still rubbish and mud in part of the cycle lane and sand from preventing the fire. My contention is that he saw I wasn’t in the cycle lane and did what’s called ‘a punishment pass’.”

Cooper, a retired lecturer at the University of Salford, writes his own blog on cycle safety and space for cycling at the website

  • Adrian

    See… I told you I’d get trolled.
    All I can say is that your comment is very short sighted and narrow minded.
    There are lots of cyclists who do this (post their videos of aggravated interactions with drivers), so it’s not just one person.
    I’m a cyclists too, so I know what happens out on the roads. It’s not a “no win” situation. Most cyclists and drivers are quite happy to share the roads. It’s when an idiot driver meets an idiot cyclist, and the video ends up on the Internet that we move closer to a no win situation.

  • EB

    Whilst I am not entirely keen on the video camera element, there is a lot of victim blaming going on in your post.

    The cyclist should be able to be as much of a moron as he wants, as long as he obeys the highway code, without being put at risk by dangerous driving. The driver broke the highway code and was so oblivious to the road markings he thought there were cycle lanes where there weren’t. People who are so unaware of their surroundings shouldn’t be able to drive.

  • EB

    I’m sure your local library has a copy of the highway code. You need to have a read.

  • Ska’d for life

    you have a right to an opinion like the rest of us but one bad cyclist doesnt make us all bad. we are in a no win situation. if i sit at the red light on a bike i am accused of holding up traffc. if i jump the lights i am scum of the earth. yes we all need to get along. you live your life your way as will i

  • Ska’d for life

    to be honest i would have lost it with the car driver. i am fed up of people like this. you wouldnt get that close to a horse so why so close to a cyclist?the worst that would happen to a motorist in collision with a cyclist is a dented vehicle. us cyclists come off a lot worse!

  • Neal

    As a cyclist I am sick and tired of camera yielding vigilante wannabes, posting worthless near-miss videos. Use your camera for your insurance claim when you do get knocked off..Yes. But other wise, get a life and stop making life harder for the rest of us.

  • Steve Lesson

    If the bloke had twatted him one, would he have still posted? 🙂

  • David Pearson

    Without activists in any walk of life nothing ever changes. So in that respect I can’t fault the guys and girls that take drivers to task. However, I have personally got far better things to do with my time. I’m quite happy with using an appropriate hand gesture along with suitably chosen language when such things occur.

  • Toby

    2nd one was a bit tight, but much worse things have happened on the roads.

  • Toby

    That wasn’t a close pass

  • Stevie

    The second pass looked like the closest but you could of avoided a second pass. Was there any need to use the outside bike lane to overtake the traffic at the lights? especially if one of those cars had just passed too close to your liking. Why not just sit behind the cars and take out the need for you to cut from the right hand side to the left of the road, that’s when you appeared to be most at risk in my opinion.

    As for chasing the bloke down to confront him. Why did you need to catch him on film? Why did you need to confront him in the first place?

    Nothing worse than hearing how a fellow cyclist confronted a driver to stand up for the rights of all cyclist just because you have a go pro strapped to your head and you need to justify its value.

  • Adrian

    John, you’re right… These idiots often deliberately inflame a situation so that they can get their video on the internet, and then sit back and watch the “like” clicks go up, like some narcissistic game.

  • John Penn

    Mate i totally agree. Is there any need to have a daft horn on your bike like that. He should come to Leeds, he would actually know what a tight pass was then. All people like this do is give cyclists a bad name and make drivers angry towards us.

  • Adrian

    I’ll probably get trolled for this comment, but this is yet another cyclist with a helmet cam and access to YouTube (or some other video sharing site)… It just fuels the “us versus them” mentality.

  • joe

    Times like that one needs a valve stem remover