Between races, FDJ professional rider Johan Le Bon has been busy helping to create a very usual bike: a singlespeed that pivots in the middle of the frame.

Le Bon and two fellow cyclists from Brittany, France – Alban Haloche and Alexis Honoré – developed the machine to have a bit of fun.

The three riders have named the machine the ‘Trocadero’ and have produced a video showing off the bike’s ability to speed around town. A pivot is positioned on the downtube, around a third of the way back from the headtube.

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The articulation allows the rider to steer with their hips, providing a very small turning circle and apparently it is able to slalom through street obstacles easily.


According to its inventors, the Trocadero takes around 10 minutes to master – and it can also be locked out using a simple pin to make it into a conventional bike, if desired.

There will be a limited run of 30 bikes produced, and the trio are hoping that their new bike will catch on.You can find out more via the Trocadero Twitter page.

We’re not entirely sure that it will take the world by storm – but it does look like fun to ride one.

  • Rich Wake

    I’m just imagining the sidewall punctures 😲

  • LaszloZoltan

    they steer only when not pedaling- they can’t pedal at the same time as they are going around a corner. can this be the next big thing ? not a chance

  • bobfairlane

    That’s retarded.

  • TurWAATchers Legacy

    Beardo, man-bun, flip-flop wearing, cereal munching hipsters drool…..

  • Michael Mosesian

    Neat concept, but it would make sprinting impossible

  • j.

    It looks a lot of fun, highly maneuverable, and great for bike polo or zipping around crowded urban streets,

  • Chris Williams

    I like they almost crash straight away in the park – the guy on the right only just stays on. Good advert for the design

  • Shinichi0831

    All of the drugs possible.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Looks great fun on empty streets, but in dense traffic, it would probably be unusable at best, or at worst you’d get run down from behind by an inattentve motorist. That said – !

  • Chris Williams

    What drugs were they on – WTF

  • Peter

    I think you could have just said “no”.
    Looks fun to try, but I don’t feel any inclination to start saving my pennies.

  • Michael

    In 3 words “No, it couldn’t”