Never go training in a suburban area during the school run. It was an important lesson learned today when out as part of CW‘s 30 Day Challenge but, fortunately, no small children were sent flying.

I?ve been promoted, apparently. Coach Hannah, noting the relative lack of discomfort I?ve suffered so far, has moved me up a step on the training plan. I knew this challenge was going to get harder and so it proved.

Today?s interval session was the most taxing so far but perhaps it was the cumulative effect of a week?s riding coming on the back of more than two months off the bike.

Work and various other commitments meant I had to slot my session into the mid-afternoon and was unable to stray too far away from home, which meant I was clogged up by traffic at the area’s various primary and secondary schools. This meant I ran the gauntlet with the 4x4s driven by mums and dads picking up their little treasures.

Now, when I was a child, Jon Pertwee ? and later David Prowse ? impressed on me the importance of looking left and right before crossing roads. The Green Cross Code was a cornerstone of every child?s education in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kids today, eh? They glance, if you’re lucky, then step out. They?re all listening to iPods or talking in some unintelligible gibberish language no one over 25 can possibly understand. Their attention to basic road safety is sadly lacking.

I read today that road accidents ? that should be ?collision? as there?s no such thing as an accident on the road, by the way ? cost the British economy £8billion last year.

Is it a peculiarly British thing that we can only get our heads around the horror of around 3,500 people dying on the roads every day if we express it as a cash figure?

Ah, pity the poor old company that?s lost it?s best shower ring salesman because he was talking on the phone when he lost control of his car. ?That’ll cost the company £150,000 in sales, although on the upside it?s saved a bit on salary.?

What about the human cost of losing almost 10 people every single day on the roads? Nah, stick a price tag on it, then people will pay attention.

The training, then, well the 13-minute intervals caused sufficient pain that I am convinced I am lactate intolerant. Geddit?

I feel tired tonight, so what better way to pick me up than accidentally catch an episode of the world?s worst ever sitcom ? My Family ? in which Robert Lindsay?s character launches a campaign against cyclists. Laugh? I nearly strangled myself with an inner tube.


10 minutes at base endurance

2 x 13 minutes at lactate threshold, with 3 minutes rest in between

10 minutes at base endurance

Total time: 49 minutes

Distance: 19.5km (12.1 miles)

No of times I?ve failed to come up with anything funny for this bit: 8

TOMORROW: A gym session.

Have you fallen asleep in front of the telly, spilling a cup of tea all over your lap and a cat lately? How?s your training going? Have you got any training tips to share? How do you cope with flagging motivation? Tell us on the fitness section of the forum.