Ever wondered what it’s like to ride the French Marmotte, Italian Maratona dles Dolomites or Spanish Quebrantahuesos cyclo-sportives? Now you can go on your very own reconnaissance mission to each of these classic rides in the comfort of your own living room.

CycleFilm, in association with Cannondale, have produced a trilogy of stunning films showcasing the routes of the three prestigious challenge rides. Cycling Weekly regular and European cyclo-sportive ace Mike Cotty is your guide, as he battles against the heat of the Dolomites and snow of the Pyrenees to give you a taster of what these rides are all about.

Each of the one hour DVDs give you an insight into each event, featuring detailed route analysis and on-bike commentary from Mike. There are also complete on-bike camera sequences for every climb and descent, as well as advice and tips for those wishing to take part in the events themselves next year.

You can watch the official trailer for the DVDs below. Click on the start button to commence playback.


Trilogy Vol. I: Maratona dles Dolomites (Dolomites, Italy) – October 22

Trilogy Vol. II: Quebrantahuesos (Pyrenees, Spain) – November 12

Trilogy Vol. III: La Marmotte (Alps, France) – December 10


The Trilogy Volume 1 – Maratona dles Dolomites (Release Date: October 22nd)

The Trilogy begins…

Set in the heart of the truly stunning Dolomite mountain range, the Maratona may be a relatively short 138km in distance but it’s a course that’s steeped from start to finish in pure Giro d’Italia history. It wasn’t long before this event became the most prestigious on the Italian Gran Fondo calendar, but don’t be fooled by the spectacular scenery. With 4,200 meters of climbing, covering 7 mountain passes (including the Passo Campolongo, Pordoi, Selle and strength sapping Giau) you’ll certainly be forgiven for thinking this is an easy ride.

In ‘The Trilogy – Volume 1’ Britain’s top European Cyclosportive rider, Michael Cotty discovers just how inspiring, and demanding, the Dolomites can be as he covers the route in full. You may even struggle at times to keep your eyes on the road ahead when faced with breathtaking views of the surrounding snowcapped mountain peaks!

Trilogy Special Features include uncut ‘Bullet Cam’ sequences and Part 1 of the ‘Sportive Survival Guide’, showcasing climbing and descending techniques and tips on group riding.

The Trilogy Volume 2 – Quebrantahuesos (Release Date: November 12th)

The Trilogy continues…

What was that saying? “It always looks easy on television” Well the truth couldn’t be further this time as you join Michael Cotty and the CycleFilm team on their scouting trip across the Spanish and French Pyrenees. Fierce headwinds, torrential downpours, brain numbing snow storms and the ever present bearded vulcher circling above make this anything but an ‘easy ride’.

What ensues is a war of attrition to make it to the finish before sunset, whilst Cotty provides a detailed analysis on how to conquer the bone crushing Quebrantahuesos. 3,500 meters of climbing including the Col du Somport, Marie Blanque and Portalet ensure that this 205km route keeps even the most competitive rider entertained for the day (and maybe even the night!)

Trilogy Special Features include uncut ‘Bullet Cam’ sequences and Part 2 of the ‘Sportive Survival Guide’, an inside look at bike set-up and packing for your trip abroad.

The Trilogy Volume 3 – La Marmotte (Release Date: December 10th)

The Trilogy concludes…

Every ride must come to an end, and there’s no better place for ‘The Trilogy’ to conclude as it climbs the infamous 21 hairpin bends to the summit of the legendary L’Alpe d’Huez.

Highly regarded as one of the toughest Cyclosportive events on the calendar, and covering many iconic roads as featured in Le Tour de France, you’ll need to successfully ascend two of the hardest mountain passes in the Alps (the 1,924m Col du Glandon and the mighty 2,645m Col du Galibier) before even contemplating the final ascent of the day.

La Marmotte is a true test of character and stamina for even the fittest of riders. There’s plenty to learn on the 174km circular route, with 5000m of climbing, and Cotty’s valuable ‘on the road’ analysis and tips on clothing, nutrition and energy conservation will go a long way in ensuring you reach the finish with just enough left in reserve to salute the crowd and punch the air Armstrong style!

Trilogy Special Features include uncut ‘Bullet Cam’ sequences and Part 3 of the ‘Sportive Survival Guide’, dress for success and nutritional tips.


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