Last year I got chilblains on my front, extending from the midriff to mid-thigh. The effect is a deep reddening and weals on the skin; I get this even when running just a few miles.

After showering, I apply a cream that eases the itching. A nylon-fronted base layer does help, though the two suppliers of similar boxer shorts have folded and there seems to be only nylon-fronted long johns from Mike Dyason available. Any recommendations?

Romans Seja, via email

Gore Bike Wear do underwear with front panels made from its Windstopper fabric, which come in a brief or a short style.

I recently procured some for a customer who was travelling to Moscow! Gore can give your nearest stockists, or if you have trouble sourcing them locally, they can be ordered and received in five working days.

Debbie Burton

Clothing expert, works for and Knows her Lycra from her GoreTex and can advise on fit and comfort