A recent issue of Cycling Weekly dealt with vascular disease in cyclists. I am interested in reading more about this and maybe even receiving a diagnosis. Do you know where I would get more information on this topic?

John McManus, Ireland

I wrote the medical part of the article, and if you are having symptoms which sound very much like the ones I described, may I suggest you go and see your GP. There are a number of other problems which he or she may identify as a cause of the pain instead. Then I would suggest a referral to a local vascular surgeon via your GP.

There are several articles on this condition. The world expert is a sports doctor called Goof Schep from the Netherlands. He wrote a very good review article in The Lancet in February 2002. If you have any further questions please don?t hesitate to email them.

Dr Robert Hinchliffe

Specialist registrar. Vascular surgery expert, working at the Dept of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Nottingham University Hospital