Roller riding is currently enjoying a resurgence, and rightly so. It?s more interesting and

arguably a better way to improve your riding than bashing away on the turbo.

While it may look challenging ? and at first it is ? when you get the knack of it, it?s as easy as, well, riding a bike. The key is smooth pedalling combined with balance and focus. There is nothing like going on the rollers to smooth out the lumps and bumps in your pedal stroke. If you want to learn to pedal in circles this winter it?s time to give rollers a go.

To get yourself started put your bike centrally on the rollers with the rollers close to a solid object, such as a wall, so you can climb on your bike and hold yourself up while you clip in. Keep one hand on the wall and start pedalling in a low gear, keeping a moderate cadence, say 60rpm, while you find your balance.

Your bike will have a tendency to drift from side to side. Don?t watch your bike, just keep your head up and focused on a point directly in front of you. Once you?re confident of your balance and your bike is staying more or less in the middle of your rollers, let go of the wall and start to increase your cadence. Once you get going there really is nothing to it. You can do all the sessions you would normally use your turbo for, but in particular, focus on increasing your cadence and keeping your pedalling as smooth as possible.

In order to stop, slowly reduce your cadence and reach out to support yourself before coming to a complete stop, so you can clip out safely. Don?t be afraid of shooting off across the garage; this is a myth, you?ll just stop suddenly if things go wrong.

You are more likely to go off the side than the front but once you get going there really is no reason to crash unless you lose your concentration. This is another reason why rollers are more fun than the turbo ? let your thoughts drift and your wheels will drift, giving you a little kick to remind you what you should be doing.