I know bananas are good food for fuel, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. Is there something else other than energy bars I could stick in my pockets to fuel my riding?

Andrew, email

Andrew, when it comes to eating for energy during a ride it makes sense that the carbohydrate you consume should be easily digested and absorbed. The reason for this is that you need to raise your blood sugar levels and get the fuel to your exercising muscles as quickly as possible, so high or moderate GI foods are generally your best bet.

An isotonic sports drink is a great fuel provider, as well as great for reducing dehydration and fatigue. You can either buy these or make your own from 200ml fruit squash, 800ml water and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt.

Raisins, fruit bars, breakfast bars, figs or jelly beans are also rich in readily available carbohydrates, so they?re great for providing fuel during a ride and avoiding the bonk.

Lucy Miller

(Resourceful CW journalist. Former national-level gymnast who now runs and cycles)