I?ve just started road bike riding, and need to broaden my knowledge. I picked your magazine up today, and a brief look at the articles has raised my interest.

It also got me thinking where I may get more information. Can you recommend a ?Bible? on bike riding, covering ergonomics, accessories and equipment, fitness and training and other cycling-related subjects?

Darren Price, Leicestershire

Aside from reading Cycling Weekly, which covers most areas of cycling, including how to improve your fitness each week, there are several suitable publications out there.

On Your Bike: The Complete Guide to Cycling, by Guardian columnist Matt Seaton covers cycle sport, urban cycling and bike maintenance. There is also the Complete Bike Book: Choosing, Riding and Maintaining your Bike, by CW journalist Chris Sidwells. This one covers fitness tips and how to look after your bike, and is a good choice for beginners.

When you feel like a blast of inspiration, try Lance Armstrong?s It?s not about the bike: My Journey Back to Life, which is sure to get you out of bed for those training runs on a Sunday.

Gemma Sharkey