Now the nights are drawing in, I?m back on the turbo-trainer two or three nights a week, then out on the roads at the weekend.

Usually I start a session within an hour of arriving home as the longer I leave it the less interested I become. If I train too late it disrupts my sleep pattern.

Is there an optimal training time after spending 8-10 hours working at the office?

Robin, Conwy, North Wales

The reality of fitting training in around work and family means the optimal time is whenever you have the chance. It sounds like you have already spotted your window of opportunity, it just needs fine-tuning to suit you.

The body has established circadian rhythms and research has showed that afternoon performances exceed morning performances. Performances peaked between the hours of 12 noon and 9pm. At this time muscles are more flexible, perceived exertion is low, reactions are quicker, strength peaks, and resting heart rate and blood pressure are low.

Eat two hours before you are due to start training so you feel ready to train as soon as you get home.

Hannah Reynolds

Fitness editor. No matter what your question when it comes to body matters, Hannah is your expert