I got into cycling after watching Lance Armstrong?s amazing performances ? seven Tour de France victories! And now Lance is looking for a cure for cancer. So why do the oldies in my club still say Eddy Merckx is ?the greatest cyclist??

James Holland, email

Greatness can be measured in many ways. Merckx and Armstrong were two great athletes from different sporting eras and comparisons are hard to make. Armstrong became famous for beating cancer and winning a record seven Tours de France, two more than Merckx.

But if we play the simple numbers game, Eddy Merckx comes out top, with 402 more pro wins than Armstrong.

Armstrong concentrated almost exclusively on the Tour de France, whereas Merckx rode the full season, winning all three Grand Tours, not to mention 32 single-day Classics and holding the Hour record.

Keith Bingham

CW reporter. One of the most respected journalists in British cycling, Keith is just at home at the Tour, the track, or the local clubrun