2018 Local Hero in association with Freewheel | The Shortlist

Voting for 2018 Local Hero is now closed. The winner will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday 12th December.

For our Local Hero Award in association with Freewheel we are looking for an individual who puts their heart and soul in to their local cycling community throughout the year, tirelessly working to; put on events, help, support and encourage others to take part, or just make things happen.

First you nominated your candidates, individuals you would like to see win this award. Then the judges whittled the nominees down to the following shortlist. Finally you have been voting for your winner, who will be presented their award at 8 Northumberland Avenue on 12th December.

Glyn Durrant

The Surrey Cycle Racing League is widely recognized as one of the most successful in the country.

Set up in 1983 by Keith Butler The League was running 150 races at its height, now it’s around 80. All this in one of the most densely populated parts of the country.

While Keith Butler was recognized as the driving force, Glyn Durrant was the engine room. Glyn, who raced the first League events himself, was ‘dragged in to it’ by Butler at the very start as the two worked together at the Holdsworthy shop. He became heavily involved in 1993 when he stopped racing and took over the running of it when Butler stepped back entirely some five years ago.

Putting in 60 hour weeks through the summer, Glyn does all the admin, and the accounts, which can have upwards of £100,000 go through them in a busy year. Calendar and club coordination, risk assessments, judging, uploading results and more – you name it, Glyn does it tirelessly week in week out, giving 1,000s of cyclists the chance, often the first chance, to race.

Peter Harrison

Peter’s life in cycling started at the age of 15 when he joined the Gosforth Road Club. He raced until his mid 30’s but his involvement in the sport spans all aspects of the sport. He has sat on regional and national boards, grown his club from a membership of one (himself), been involved with the British team as a technical consultant and worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Peter is best known for running the Beaumont Trophy which since 2007 has been part of the groundbreaking Cyclone Cycling Festival. As well as hosting the national championships twice, the weekend of events has seen around 33,000 people take part over the years, covering 2.2m miles between them and raising over £5m for various charities.

Celia Tennant

Over the past seven years Celia has been instrumental in the growth of Clydesdale Colts Cycling Club in South Lanarkshire, as it has grown to around 150 members – now there’s even a waiting list. The club is now an integral part of the local community.

Training sessions take place every Saturday morning and mid-week where children from three to 16 develop their cycling skills. Whether it be just for fun or in preparation for competition.

Along with willing other coaches and a supportive committee Celia has pushed the Colts forward. They now organise several events throughout the year which contribute to the development of cycling across the West of Scotland. Without Celia’s passion and drive the Colts would not be the club they are.

Debbie Wharton

Working part time as a receptionist at Maindy Leisure centre in Cardiff in 1996, Debbie Wharton was asked to start a cycling club on the under-used outdoor, concrete track there. 22 years and one Tour de France winner later and a spotlight has been shone on her amazing achievements.

A cyclist herself she started by handing out flyers to the kids who used the pool. Her passion for cycling led to her becoming a coach and developing the skills of kids that had no background in cycling. 1,000s have been through the doors with Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe the most famous alumni. For many others Wharton’s influence led to a life of cycling and volunteering. Many of whom are now bringing their kids to the track to ride.

The vote for 2018 Local hero is now closed

The Award winners will be revealed at the Cycling Weekly Awards dinner on 12 December at 8 Northumberland Avenue, to which all those shortlisted will be invited with a guest.