Bad weather comes to your turbo training (video)

The ride simulator which comes with Bkool's turbo unit now depicts rain, snow, fog, wind direction and time of day when you are training, so that you see the current conditions in the location depicted.


Spanish company Bkool sells a turbotrainer along with a simulation programme, which you run on your computer, allowing you to follow a route of your choice in 3D and compete against others in real time. Unlike some, it allows you to choose your own route anywhere in the world.

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Bkool has now added weather and time of day to its simulation, so that rain is shown when it is raining on the route you are following, or it appears dark if it’s dark. Of course, simulating a white-out in the relative comfort of your garage is a lot nicer than riding in one. More usefully, the simulation reduces resistance if you have a tailwind.

The simulation works with Wahoo and some Elite turbos as well as Bkool’s own unit. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that it yet stretches to simulating being blown off the road between Gent and Wevelgem.

A subscription including weather costs £8 per month, although a weather-free basic subscription is free. If you sign up for a £78 annual subscription and don’t use it for a whole month, Bkool will extend it for up to three months, should you decide to tear yourself from the turbo and venture outdoors.

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