Best Charitable Initiative in association with Sports Tours International | The Shortlist

Voting for Best charitable Initiative is now closed. The winner will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday 12th December.

For our Best Charitable Initiative Award in association with Sports Tours international we are looking for individual or group who set out on their bikes to raise money or awareness for a good cause. This is also about an inspiring story and a genuine commitment to make a difference for or through cycling.

First you nominated your candidates, individuals you would like to see win this award, Then the judges whittled the nominees down to the following shortlist. Finally you have been voting for your winner, who will be presented their award at 8 Northumberland Avenue on 12th December.

Jack Talbot – Air Ambulance

Jack Talbot’s fundraising journey started when he was hit by a drunk driver trying to escape the police at 50mph. Jack sustained a life-threatening head injury and spent 13 days in an induced coma. He says his rescue by Air Ambulance saved his life, it also inspired him to organise a coast-to-coast ride and raise over £7,000 to thank those who saved him.

Jack, a paramedic himself, started training just one month after the crash: “Lack of insight about the extent of my injuries led me to be quickly back on the bike. I then spent the whole winter training.” He admitted. Jack organised the one day coast-to-coast ride for himself and 25 other local riders.

Jack has big goals for his future fundraising. “I’d really love for the annual ride to be as big as the Fred Whitton Challenge. I’m going to work to make that possible, we made £7,300 at the final count, beating our goal by a long way.”

Alex Staniforth – Young Minds

Alex created his “Climb the UK challenge” in July of last year where he climbed to the highest point of all of the UK’s 100 counties in 72 days. He walked and ran up the climbs and cycled 5,000 miles in between. It was an entirely human powered endeavour (excluding a few ferries), he even kayaked to the Isle of Wight.

He raised over £25,000 for YoungMinds, chosing the charity after himself working through mental health issues “training and being outside gives you a focus and gives us something positive to aim for when we might be struggling. It’s the peaks that make the troughs worthwhile.” He said. “Challenges like this give you a mental resilience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

James Sullivan – Trusts United

James has organised two epic rides across the UK in support of the charity he helped to create; Trusts United. The Charity raises funds for NHS staff suffering illness, injury or other life changing events. James used to work in A&E in middlesbrough and was spurred into action after an NHS colleague was diagnosed with debilitating liver cancer in 2016.

The bridges rides that James organised first went from London’s Tower Bridge to Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge. This year’s 312 mile route went from the Transporter Bridge in Newport, South Wales to Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge. “We mostly have people who work in the NHS ride with us, it’s a whole range of abilities and different types of people that keep us going.”  The organisation with James as its chairman has now raised in excess of £20,000.

Dawn Logan & Claire Glover – Pencils for Promise

Dawn Logan and Claire Glover pedalled 10,000 miles around the world last year, crossing 25 countries in three continents with no fixed route. They made it home after 13 months on the road having raised £30,000 for Pencils of Promise. Enough to build a school and change the future for a community in Ghana.

Claire, a teacher and Dawn, an engineer say they both owe a lot to education; “having visited developing countries we wanted to raise money for an international charity supporting education.” They said. “We were fit enough but there isn’t any way you can predict what conditions will be like on a ride like this. It was the mental struggle of riding day in and day out which took a toll on us.”

Voting for Best Charitable Initiative is now closed

The Award winners will be revealed at the Cycling Weekly Awards dinner on 12 December at 8 Northumberland Avenue, to which all those shortlisted will be invited with a guest.