The Adult Playground

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There are many rumours for effective weight loss results but none beats the combination of lots of exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet. However, many people can be put off by the thought of rigorous exercise and cutting the out some of the foods they love – but losing weight really doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Your attitude towards exercise can largely determine how successful you are in maintaining and improving on your fitness, so it’s time you started having fun with your fitness regime!

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Remember when you were a child and all the fun you’d have in the playground? Well, it’s about time you took that mentality to your local gym and turned the leisure centre into your very own adult playground!

If you’ve joined a gym with a friend then use this to your advantage. It’s great to have a fitness buddy, but if you can’t find a fitness friend take advantage of the personal trainers dotted about your leisure centre.


Ok, so you might not be hop, skip and a-jumping from machine to machine but there are ways of turning your fitness routine into a game. Decide with your gym buddy your work out for the day and pick from a hat who will try out each machine first. You might not be racing to get to ‘base’ like you are in the playground game, but why not introduce an element of competitiveness by seeing who can reach a specific distance (5K, 10K) first.

Stuck in the mud

Remember the hours of fun you used to have running around playing ‘stuck in the mud’? You remember – somebody was ‘it’ and ran around trying to tag people. Once tagged, you had to stay frozen until someone ‘untagged’ you. This game can be adapted to your adult gym. Ok, so no one is ‘on’ chasing you round the gym floor, but the principle is still there. Time yourself and sprint on the spot for one minute. Then, as if you’ve been tagged, freeze into a full squat position, picking up dumbbell weights if you desire. Repeat this eight times.


Skipping provided hours of fun and sing-along chanting as you jumped over and under the rope and in your adult life skipping can be just as good for you. It’s a fantastic way to get your heart rate up and burns calories quickly, so pick up that rope and see what skills you remember from all those years ago!

Monkey bars

Monkey bars were always a firm favourite in the playground. Put your skills to the test and get working on your pull ups – start off aiming to do a set of three and build this up from there – once you become a true pro, one-handed pull ups are the ultimate homage to monkey bar mischief.

And if you can’t afford to pay out monthly gym memberships then why not actually get back to your childhood days and create a makeshift gym in your local park – get fit the fun way and release your inner child!