Amazon Prime Day mega deal: Garmin Edge 530 now £159.99 – cheapest UK price we've seen

We've never seen the Edge 530 this discounted in the UK before. 2

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Garmin Edge 530 

£259.99 £159.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Don't miss this deal! The Garmin Edge 530 is one of the best value bike computers in Garmin's range – it's got the same mapping and software features as the more expensive 830 and 1030 models, the only downside is the lack of a touchscreen. Read our full Garmin Edge 530 review here (opens in new tab).

You can usually count on the Garmin Edge 530 having a hefty chunk knocked off its list price during any sales event. But this 38 per cent saving in the UK on Amazon Prime Day is on another level.

Even at full list price – or perhaps with a cheeky ten per cent off, which you can usually get whenever if you shop around – the Edge 530 is arguably the best value head unit in Garmin's range.

Although the Garmin Edge 130 Plus does offer so much in terms of mapping and training analytics – and at an even lower price – the larger screen of the Edge 530 and the colour mapping means that, if you can afford it, it is worth spending that little bit extra.

Compared to Garmin's more expensive bike computers, the only difference between the Edge 530 and the Edge 830 is the presence of a touchscreen. For some, this is a deal breaker. For others, the lack of a touchscreen is even a bonus – it's easier to use in the rain and when wearing gloves.

The larger (touch)screen of the Garmin 1030 Plus is a great feature if you like to have a lot of data screen running. But we'd say that for most people the size of the Edge 530 (and the Edge 830) is perfectly enough to be getting on with – the 1030 Plus is a 'nice to have' more than anything else.

Of course, there's the new Edge 1040 Solar out now too – but that's on a whole different price level.  

So, in all, the Garmin Edge 530 does hit a real sweet-spot in Garmin's range – and is made all the sweeter by 38 per cent off in the UK.

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