Assos has a reputation for being the best when it comes to shorts and winter tights and they haven't disappointed with the Assos HabutightsMille S7 tights

Warm and luxuriously comfortable, the Assos HabutightsMille S7 kept us in the saddle far longer than the cold temperatures would usually have allowed.

Cosy and well made, we’ve been hard pushed to find something more comfortable on the bike. For this, the Assos HabutightsMille S7 tights land themselves a spot on Cycling Weekly’s Editor’s Choice for 2017.

Despite Assos intending the HabutightsMille S7 cycling tights to be early winter wearers, we’ve found the levels of insulation on offer allowed us to keep them on in temperatures as low as two degrees feeling only a slight chill on the frontal areas of our legs. They’re a good option for those hard, tempo rides when it is cold and you don’t want to overheat.

Secret Swiss fabric

The secret is in the Swiss brand’s RX Medium fabric, which claims to be insulating, high performing and fast drying. We’d agree with that claim and as stated these tights can get low on the temperature gauge without a problem and dry very effectively.

As expected the fit of the Assos HabutightsMille S7 tights is very, very good. They fabric hugs the legs from ankle to thigh and is very cushioned against the skin thanks to the fleece lining. The ankle is just a simple bit of folded fabric stitched, it works and we’ve not found an issue with it thus far.

The overall fit falls into the Mille category of the Assos range, which is basically a more relaxed fit, a little more forgiving shall we say and we liked it. They don’t feel baggy and they certainly don’t feel any less racey, just more comfortable.

The Bibs are the typical flat and stretchy material used on all Assos shorts and tights. The densely woven flat fabric is supportive and doesn’t dig into your shoulders.

Complete with waffle chamois

Down below you get Assos’s signature pad – a 8mm thick memory foam called the waffle. It features three layers of foam and the ‘goldenGate’ which means the pad in the middle is separate from the tight and allows some movement. The result is an amazingly comfortable chamois.

Minor reflective detailing on the calfs adds a touch of safety as well as spicing up the otherwise potentially boring black looks.

The tights come in at £165, which can be considered competitive when compared to the likes of Castelli and Rapha, although don’t expect much protection against the rain, these are purely dry day tights.