Hot tips for the cold weather

It’s not really surprising that as winter approaches, the amount of bike riding we are able to do drops, which inevitably has an effect on our fitness.

While many of us will grin and bear the harshness of the elements – heck, some even seem to enjoy it – there will come a time when it all gets too much to get out and ride.

So what’s a frustrated rider supposed to do? Well, fortunately, there are ways to get fit that don’t require you to get out on the road.

The first port of call is the turbo. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s probably the next best thing to actual riding. However, many riders find it downright boring to ride relentlessly while remaining stationary and staring at nothing apart from the wall in front.

If that’s not your thing, then you could always try your hand at another sport for a month or so. Getting out and doing some runs, swims, or long walks will keep you active, work your body, and even keep your mind fresh. Research has shown that breaking up your normal routine with something different keeps your mind active, and lowers the chance of mental fatigue.

Weight training is also great throughout the winter. While it won’t keep you aerobically fit, it’s enough to work you up into a sweat and get the lungs and heart pumping. It will also help you achieve a strong core, which as we know, is essential for cycling.

Then there is your diet. Making sure you eat the right things at the right time will ensure you’re giving your body the best chance possible to survive through the colder months. A correct diet can also help fight off any bugs that may be lingering around.

So don’t panic. While winter may prevent us from getting out and riding, that doesn’t mean our fitness has to suffer. You just have to be a little more creative.

What do you think?

What do you do to maintain fitness throughout the winter?

Jez Taylor
Turbo, spinning and gym. Mtb instead of road bike.

Tristian Brewer
Increase the turbo work, road riding, more swimming, walking and squats.

Tom Zaccario
Still ride as long as there is no ice, and start going to the gym again. May try spinning this winter as well.

Kevin Blackburn
Converted garage to a gym with two spinning bikes, weights bench, rowing machine – that should keep the fitness through the winter.

James Brown
Get out on the road and get spinning. Winter weather will improve handling skills.


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