We’ve road tested four £1,500 bikes to give you an idea of how they ride at this price range

This is an incredibly popular price point and competition is fierce, so you can expect a quality bike for your money.

Carbon-fibre is the dominant frame material — and high-modulus carbon, too, which offers better weight and stiffness than lower grades. What’s more, once you clear the £1K mark, your range of options increases and if you’re still after aluminium and steel, there are some super bikes out there with high-end specs.

We’ve also road tested four bikes that figure in the listings including the Fuji Gran Fondo 2.7 and the Forme Axe Edge 1.0, two promising-looking carbon sportive bikes.

To prove there’s life beyond the black stuff we’ve ridden the Moda Vivo, an all-new lightweight aluminium frame that comes as a factory build with a full 105 groupset and American Classic wheels.

And if the metalheads still want more we’ve reviewed the Genesis Equilibrium 20, which proves that steel is as real as ever.

We hope you find what you’re looking for.

Moda Vivo road bike

While both manufacturer and model name could conjure up images of a Tuscan assembly line full of Italian passione, the…

Score 9

 Equilibrium 20 road bike

Bringing yet another frame material into the equation, the Genesis Equilibrium range offers something for the traditionalist. With the exception…

Score 8

Fuji G ran Fondo 2.7 road bike

The 2.7 is the lowest-priced of the three Gran Fondos. All three are based on the same frame — a…

Score 8

Forme Axe Edge 1.0 road bike

Forme started with five models in 2010 and now has over 50. The original range was made up of mid-range…

Score 8