Brian Cookson can clean up cycling

Be honest – politics are normally pretty boring. Men in suits arguing with each other isn’t normally riveting stuff, unless of course you’ve got a degree of self-interest at stake.

That’s why Brian Cookson’s UCI presidential campaign warrants attention. We’ve all had enough of the corruption in our sport, so we really should listen to the man who wants to clean up the UCI for us. This is our chance to once and for all to move on from the Lance Armstrong saga.

Our world governing body has become a joke thanks to the ongoing allegations of corruption and cover-ups over doping. It’s a sign of just how low we have sunk when Pat McQuaid, the current president, can’t even get a nomination from his own Irish federation to stand against Cookson.

Now he’s looking to another country for backing, prompting three members of the Swiss cycling federation to begin a legal challenge to block him. Nobody wants McQuaid, you’d think he’d get the message and just step down.

Cookson told The Times that he had reached ‘a state of despair and the only way to be heard was to stand as a candidate.’ Refreshingly, his straightforward views offer commonsense solutions to the intrigue that has engulfed the UCI.

“Physically, the anti-doping office is just down the corridor from the presidents office,” said Cookson. “The legal handling of case management is also within the UCI offices. That can’t be right.”

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