Day 2: A day in the life of a CW model

Day two and the anticipation of a brilliantly clear weather forecast, teamed with fresh mountain air, helps prepare us for a 4.30am start to catch a stunning sunrise in the mountains.

We spend some time on a fast corner at which point the guys decide I’m more suited to MotoGP with my knee out, over-exaggerated lean which I apparently adopt whether I’m travelling at 30 miles an hour or three. Oh well, glad to hear at least I’m displaying some illusion of speed!

Today there’s not a cloud in the sky and we get some fantastic shots done whilst riding between locations. We hit a good old French supermarche and go in search of more euro biscuits. Riding the same corner 18 times surely must burn off some calories. Driving up the Col du Tourmalet? Perhaps not.

Today we observe that the boys are up to some diva-esque behaviour. The common themes being sleeping on the job and asking for specs of dust to be removed from clothing. Not to mention much pouting and lunging. Who ever said girls were hard work? 

Sleeping on the job

And lunge...

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Christian Fairclough

Another thing we learn today is that the photography is best left to the experts. For evidence, see my attempt at a group portrait set on the top of the Tourmalet, in which perhaps only two people are actually looking at the camera and I appear to have a speed wobble on, despite standing still. 

Today, the girls prove they can adopt cheesy grins in any given location.

Given our early start we make it back in time for some of us to squeeze in a run, while a few of the group go out for an evening spin, which inevitably turns into a bit of a swift blast!

After yet another superb spread provided by our hosts Keren and Chris a few of us head out for a night time shoot with some uber powerful front lights, we’re blown away by these virtual floodlights and have a blast in the dark getting some awesome photographs.

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