Katie Archibald column: Even riding on the turbo trainer has its dangers

Sunshine and traffic pose unexpected problems for Katie Archibald, as she continues to recover from a collarbone break

Olympic and world champion, Katie Archibald got into cycling after winning handicap races on a Highland Games grass track. She writes a column for Cycling Weekly each week

Last week I had surgery to fix my broken collarbone, so I’ve been stuck on the turbo for this fortnight of mad UK sunshine. For the first few days I couldn’t even take the thing outside because I needed to train with a fan on me to avoid getting the surgery wound too sweaty.

But recently I dragged my beast of a trainer outdoors, which was a fair effort if I can refer you back to the no-longer-broken-but-still-recently-meddled-with collarbone, to train in the sunshine.

Big mistake.

It’s a story that’s not smart, funny or very long: I burnt my back so badly I’m imagining myself as Wentworth Miller in the Prison Break scene where he has to lean back against a boiling pipe to avoid detection and solders his t-shirt to his skin.

What’s annoying is that I am actually capable of riding outside. Just not with total comfort and with the fear of crashing looming over me like a prison guard and her angry German shepherd.

There’s still some bone healing to be done you see. I rode to the velodrome yesterday though, as a tester, and within a kilometre of my house a car had tried to turn into me.

I swerved and they eventually saw me, reassessed their calculations of time and distance, slammed on the brakes, and nothing bad happened. But I spent the next 40 minutes feeling like I imagine my mum feels on a bike: constantly aware of every car and highly unconfident about my ability to do anything to stop them nailing me.

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I felt frail and I wanted a bike path. I don’t mind about the clogs, or the canals, or even all the hash brownies; just a little more cycling infrastructure in our major towns would be a lovely Dutch touch.

You know this already so I apologise for the familiar Twitter rant. But it felt like my turn to say it and now it’s done.

I go back on the road again in a couple of days time and I have a two-point plan for making it a success.

The first point is riding in the opposite direction as my first trip and so away from all the cars and the city.

The second is some factor-30 sun cream.

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