Luke Rowe column: ‘A rock took all the impact on one leg 
and broke it in multiple places’

In his final column for CW, Luke Rowe explains how he suffered his serious injury that will keep out of racing for some time

My brother’s stag do a couple of weeks ago in Prague was something I’d been looking forward to. We went white-water rafting and I jumped into water that was too shallow.

I thought I was going to jump into nice deep water and it just wasn’t deep enough.

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There was a rock that took all the impact on one leg and broke it in multiple places.

>>> Luke Rowe goes into gruesome detail in describing broken leg that could put him out for a year

Since then I’ve come back to Cardiff and I’ve had one operation and got another still to come. But right from the get-go Team Sky has been incredible.

They flew me back and already I’ve got 
a couple of different machines to try and help with the rehab.

With this type of injury you don’t get diagnosed with a certain amount of recovery time. For me it’s a question mark and a case of how well the operation goes and how my body reacts and how I heal.

I want to come back as soon as possible but realistically it’s going to be a substantial length of time.

It’s a massive low after a nice big high at the Tour, but you know you’ve got to deal with these things and I think it’s the type of thing like this that will make your character and see what your backbone is made of.

It’s pretty tough to take at the moment but I’m already looking forward. No rider wants to be off their bike for any reason, for any length of time, so to be off for a long period of time is going to bug me and it will hurt watching races knowing I could be a part of and should be a part of.

I’ve got a meeting with the team next week and we’re gong to sit down and map out the whole rehab and recovery process. In a way I’m looking forward to that, I want to start ticking off those boxes and making every step possible to getting back to where I was.

This is my last column for Cycling Weekly.

It’s been fun to write them this year and something I’ve enjoyed doing week-to-week. I certainly don’t think I’m going to write a book any time soon though!

It’s been an exciting little journey so thanks to all who made it possible.