My bike’s holiday from hell

What is it with easyJet? Upon returning from a few days riding in Menorca, the airline operative did everything in her power to make it difficult for me to put my bike on the plane.

I had pre-booked and paid for a bicycle, a suitcase and a few quid extra for preferential boarding so that I could check in first and would be spared ‘the hold is too full for a bike’ saga of a few years back.

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I wasn’t prepared for the deluge of nonsense that greeted me on my exit from Mahon airport. “We don’t take bikes!” was the first one.

I insisted they did. “It’s too heavy!” was next, even though the bike hadn’t been on the scales. I argued it wasn’t. “We can’t take it if there’s air in the tyres!” was a third stab at rejection.

And that wasn’t all. My ticket now wasn’t showing preferential boarding, so I was in the wrong line. I produced my receipt for so-called Speedy Boarding and my easyJet friend agreed that the upgrade had not been saved on the system.

The solution? I’d now have to go to the airline desk in another part of the terminal and pay again unless I wanted to return to the back of the line and start the check-in process again!

I contacted easyJet’s press office last week, but have not had a response.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly