On a far less serious note…

Britain’s Olympic legacy is alive and kicking judging by the hoards of riders spread across events around the country at the weekend.

The biggest draw was Bike Blenheim with a 14,500-strong crowd packing the park for a weekend of sportives, time trials and the Brompton world championships. I was lucky enough to gain a last-minute entry for the latter, which I can thoroughly recommend as one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have on two wheels. Some 800 very smartly dressed riders hurtling around two laps of a six and a half kilometre circuit on folding bikes is of course complete nonsense but it’s absolute fun. I’m hooked and I’ll be back – if they’ll have me.

Mine wasn’t the most impressive debut. I was rider number 794, which was probably an omen as the Le Mans start exposed my predictably poor bike unfolding skills. Last onto the circuit proper, my position could only improve and I starting picking off the fancy dress riders before  the show-off seeded riders came roaring through. I’m not sure that such exertion is really in the spirit of the BWC. This is an event where Lycra is strictly banned and we were controversially excused jackets this year as the temperature approached 30 degrees.

What an experience. I’m proud to have been a Bromptoneer for the day. It won’t be the last time.

Robert Garbutt, Editor.