Rain, rain, go away

Never mind how far, or how fast, just getting out on your bike at all feels like a major achievement at the moment.

As the wettest November since records began turns into an equally soggy December, we’re now all really desperate for a respite from the relentless deluge.

The trick is to be flexible – you have to pick your riding moments. Make hourly visits to Metcheck, in fact make all of your bookmarks weather related, study wind direction and if you see as much as a patch of blue sky jump on your bike and ride like hell.

It works for me. Fortunately I never normally venture out for much more than 90 minutes. So far I’ve only been caught out a couple of times and even then the heavens didn’t open until the latter stages of my ride.

I know I’m tempting fate but my system has worked pretty well up to now. As long as I can get out at least once a week, there’s no need to ride the dreaded turbo.

I’ve never got on with those things, there’s nothing more boring than being sat looking at the inside of the garage shutter listening to that relentless humming noise. That’s not what cycling is about, it’s exercise simply for the sake of exercise and there’s absolutely no fun whatsoever in that.

Unfortunately there’s no escaping my second least favourite activity. I really will get around to cleaning my bike sometime soon, just not quite yet. I’m waiting for the weather to improve.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

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