Robert Garbutt blog: The enemy within

It’s a war out there, we all know it. Sunday was no exception, a pleasant sunny morning despite the usual inconsiderate driving and abuse courtesy of the great British motorist. After four decades spent riding you become hardened to this idiotic behaviour; if it continually upset you, you simply wouldn’t go out.

But this ride was different. Several of the worst incidents were caused by other cyclists. Morons in cars I have grown to accept, but inconsiderate idiots on bikes are quite a separate matter.

Maybe we’ve reached a point where many of the worse drivers have simply swapped to two wheels. A matter of: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ Or is it even a case of infiltration? Are we being attacked from within?

Whatever the reason, the rise of the rubbish rider is a step too far. Fancy being forced off the road by a group riding five abreast towards you on a narrow lane? Or how about having your front wheel clipped by a rider who pulls in too soon after he overtakes?

Bad riding can be contributed to inexperience but you don’t have to be a genius to know to allow enough room for an oncoming rider to pass or not to cut in suddenly when passing.

It wasn’t all bad news at the weekend. I spent several enjoyable miles tagged on to the back of a Kingston Wheelers club run. You couldn’t wish for a more organised, courteous group, the perfect example of how to behave on the roads.

There’s much to be said for being a member of a traditional cycling club. So many of today’s newbie riders would certainly benefit from the experience.

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